Hi and welcome to Lace, Pearls & Chocolate! Here's a little information about this website and myself:

I appreciate the beauty that fashion brings to simple day to day life, love reading about it, and enjoy sharing trendy exciting new things with my readers. I recently graduated with my doctorate in Optometry. While I love health care and everything about vision, fashion is my favorite diversion. The fashion scene in Chicago is varied and fun. Attending events is one way I love to be a part of it. Be it attending a stylish soiree in support of a friend, meeting a fashion superstar, or taking in a runway show in the park, fashion is a must for me. Chicago is a great city filled with fashion, endless hidden gems, culinary experiences and much more.

I love keeping up to date with fashion on the runway, on social media and in the market. When it comes to films, I love costume dramas. The thoughtful dialogue, the exquisite clothing with sumptuous details that beckon me to another time, they're easily my weakness.

Cooking up old and new recipes in the kitchen is something I savor (pun intended). I love hosting parties with good friends around food and love seeing how I can make a new-found recipe my own. 

I'm a member of the Vogue Influencer Network and share content from this network. During my graduate studies, I regularly wrote as a paid blogger for ICO about optometry life. Read my posts here! I post weekly, tweet occasionally and Instagram often. Feel free to contact me by filling out this form or by emailing me.

Fashion Favorites: Column skirts. Printed trousers. Ladylike purses. Pointy-toe pumps. Bows and Pleats. Collars with statement necklaces. Silk scarves. Leopard print. 

Designers I love: Chanel. Chloe.  Ulyana Sergeenko. Valentino. Giambattista Valli. Rachel Zoe.