Monday, June 13, 2016

Kitchen: Strawberries and Cream Crumb Bar

Ramadan started a week ago today and this month I've been baking desserts pretty frequently. While fasting, I love being in kitchen and working with food to cook and bake. It feels nice to put effort into a meal for myself and others to enjoy together and make the only real meal of the day, Iftar, even more special.

Most recently I made Strawberries and Cream Crumb Bars and they were so delicious! The bars are layered and baked to perfection. The bottom layer is a nice sugary crust. On top of that is a layer of sweetened cream cheese filling. On top of that is a layer of strawberry filling. The last top layer is a crumb topping cooked until golden brown. I found this recipe on Pinterest and am already looking for what to make next.

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  1. All of your desserts look absolutely delicious! I'm definitely trying that recipe for the strawberries and cream bar. I find it so hard to bake during Ramadan, because I'm tempted to taste everything before I serve it haha. Thanks for sharing the recipe and photos!

    Fariha |