Monday, December 15, 2014

Scene: Huda Supper Club

 My friend Abeer Najjar recently hosted her first  Huda Supper Club, a dinner party with a group of enthudiastic foodies and four delicious courses. The supper club was named for the woman that inspires Abeer's love for food and was great!   

The Huda Supper Club was created to provide the experience of a delicious meal with good company within an intimate and comfortable home setting. Last weekend, Abeer cooked a delicious menu that was a throwback to summer for a group of twelve food lovers including myself. The dinner party was housed at a private loft in Logan Square and I loved the industrial chic table setting and how homey the location was. When I arrived at location, I mingled with other dinner guests whilst inhaling delectable notes of the dinner to come. Once dinner began I didn't want it to end. Each dish was flavorful and was prepared with love and creativity.   

After filling up, we were all smiles and appreciative of the decadent meal. I have high hopes for my dear friend and look forward to one day becoming a regular at her own eatery.  

The well set table with fresh fragrant flowers 

Prep work between courses 

Course one: Deviled Eggs with Blue Cheese and Bacon

Course two: Shrimp Bisque with Chili Oil and Chive, served with Sweet and Spicy Cornbread

Course three: BBQ Beef Slider with Candied Jalapeño and Slaw, served with Mexican-style Elote 

Dessert: Tres Leches with Caramelized Apples, Fresh Whipped Cream, Berries and Pistachio

Learn more about the Huda Supper Club and Abeer Najjar's passion for food here



  1. MashaAllah I'm so impressed!!! Thanks for sharing! Would love to attend one of these, when I'm in town. :-) Also, she makes the BEST Tres Leches!

    1. You're welcome!! Everything was delicious mashAllah :)