Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Muslamb Stationery Set

As much as I'm attached to my iPhone, I love writing notes by hand and adore stationery. Muslamb Stationers, owned by Chicagoan Cjala Surratt, is a business that sells cute and fun Muslim-inspired stationery. The current collection features a range of customized pencil sets, various sticky notepads, page note flags, and more. A few products from the recent collections were sent to me to try out and I adore them!

The two notepads I have are the "Salaam" and "InshAllah." The Salaam note is perfect for sending a quick note to a friend like say during a tiresome lecture. The InshAllah note works well as a reminder  of an upcoming event for myself and for others.

My pencils say "Rabbi Zidni Il'man War Zuqni Fahman," which translates to: Oh God! Advance me in Knowledge and true understanding. The study dua (prayer) makes the pencils perfect for use at school and at home studying. Now I'll never forget to say the dua.

To view the entire collection and shop for your own Muslamb stationery, visit the etsy shop here
I mean how cute and useful are these Do Not Disturb Salat in Progress notes? 

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