Monday, August 27, 2012


On Saturday afternoon, my colleagues and I celebrated at our White Coat Ceremony. It was beautiful bringing together of family and friends and culmination of hard work to become a member of the class  of 2016. Receiving my coat and scholarships on stage felt so empowering and rejuvenating. It's been two weeks of hard studies so far, and getting coated was a sweet renewal of our purpose here and goals. And now, it's so official. 

I wore what is probably the oldest outfit in my closet for the ceremony. The two main pieces - the blouse and the skirt are favorites of mine that I'm always happy to wear, but spare for more special occasions. The blouse, I received from my mother and it's older than me! The skirt, my mother bought for me when I was a pre-teen and wouldn't wear it. 

(Blouse gifted, Skirt gifted, Scarf H&M, Pumps DSW, Necklace Charlotte Russe)