Sunday, February 26, 2012

MODA Spring 2012 | My Collection

On Friday night was the MODA Spring 2012 Fashion Show at the grand hall in Union Station. There, I presented a four look collection for hundreds of guests. Like the other student designers at the show, my design process was self thought. I'd love to learn more. 

The collection was a culmination of a few weeks of sketching, fabric selection, pattern making, sewing and fitting. The four looks I designed featured hues of blues, whites and creams, full length skirts and slacks, fitted bodices and loose blouses. I topped each look off with a floral headband and each of my models wore unifying black pumps. All in all, I was pleased with how my pieces turned out. 

Stack of fabrics for my collection

The  sketch of the four looks in my collection

A pleated maxi skirt with a cream lace top with pleated collar

Pleated trousers in a slightly different shade of royal blue with a white blouse and printed necktie

A full length dress with a pleated peplum

A high-waisted long skirt  with a printed blouse

The scene, a grand venue

A cocktail table at the scene with copies of our latest magazine issue.

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