Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vogue Influencer Network: Clarisonic Plus

This past week, the Vogue Influence Network presented me with a new challenge, the Clarisonic Challenge, featuring the Clarisonic Plus skin cleansing system.
This challenge came in a big box and included several useful items: three facial skin cleansers for various skin types including normal/oily, all/sensitive, and normal/dry; one body cleanser for all skin types; a facial cleanser brush; a body cleanser brush; thorough user guides; a electrical charger; and of course the therefore rechargeable waterproof Clarisonic Plus.
Today marks my first day of its use. I love the completeness of the package. I used the skin cleanser 'refreshing gel cleanser' for normal/oil skin and liked the clean massaged feeling that resulted. My only concern? While the brush does massage the face, I wish it had more power. Other than that, it's a great set. Check it out at

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