Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scene: Harper Bazaar's Avril Graham

Back in November, I received an invitation to meet Avril Graham at the North Bridge Swarovski and jumped at the opportunity to converse with the fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar.

Fatima Ibrahim: How did you become one of the go-to fashion authorities for millions of women? What is it like?
Avril Graham: I came straight into the magazine business from the University of Edinburgh and I moved to London and began working in different fashion magazines. I then became a stylist. I was very lucky in my early years to be able to travel the world and work with really interesting people shooting. In fact one of my most memorable shoots was with Carla Bruni in the Bahamas and of course now she’s the first lady of France. I’m very lucky to not only work with celebrities and models but with real people. The interesting thing about this job is that it can take you to lots of interesting places. I’ve worked with prime ministers and first ladies.

FI: What five items does every woman need in her wardrobe?
AG: I think everyone should have a great tailored jacket, a great simple dress, a good leather jacket, a perfect white shirt and black cowl neck sweater. All these pieces when you put them with another piece, like with a great jean then you can add jewelry to really make an outfit pop. Of course, you also can’t do with out a great pair of sunglasses. For jewelry, I love a cocktail ring, a great cuff and a watch. One great jewelry piece can just make an outfit transform.
FI: What are the hottest trends right now for 20-year olds?
AG: I think the great thing now is that we can embrace the legging trend and dress it up or dress it down. A white shirt and a pair of jeans, there’s nothing that looks chicer. Of course don’t forget the accessories, a pair of sunglasses and a chic little ring. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money, but just have an inherent sense of style. I love your sense of style, it looks really good. Monochromatic always works.
FI: Thank you. What’s the easiest way to transition a look from day to night?
AG: It’s the season where so many people are going to the work place and they don’t have time to change. You can wear the same outfit to work and have a before purse during the day time and then with a simple change of accessories you can transition into night. It’s all about choosing the right things.
FI: What’s your message to young women, when it comes to fashion and accessorizing?
AG: Don’t be scared of bold accessories, do not overdo it, choose carefully, and wear with confidence.
FI: Why do you love crystals?
AG: The reason I love crystals, is because they are very accessible. You can purchase a great statement look that will not set you back a large sum of money and it’ll look great.
FI: And, your best advice for college students?
AG: Regardless of the opportunities, finish your studies, get your degree and then march to your own tune.

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