Monday, June 27, 2016

Red, White and Blue

As with most holidays and celebrations, I love when everything everywhere echoes the occasion in theme colors and vibes. July fourth is just one week away and naturally, I'm thinking about what I will wear, what I will eat and what I will do! This year, Independence Day will fall one or two days before the the Eid holiday marking the end of Ramadan. Two holidays back to back? Bring it on. 

Red, white and blue are a must for the Fourth of July and I'm deciding between a fun pants and top combination or going for a long dress. Here are some outfit ideas for the upcoming festive day. 
Red, White and Blue!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kitchen: Strawberries and Cream Crumb Bar + More

Ramadan started a week ago today and this month I've been baking desserts pretty frequently. While fasting, I love being in kitchen and working with food to cook and bake. It feels nice to put effort into a meal for myself and others to enjoy together and make the only real meal of the day, Iftar, even more special.

Most recently I made Strawberries and Cream Crumb Bars and they were so delicious! The bars are layered and baked to perfection. The bottom layer is a nice sugary crust. On top of that is a layer of sweetened cream cheese filling. On top of that is a layer of strawberry filling. The last top layer is a crumb topping cooked until golden brown. I found this recipe on Pinterest and am already looking for what to make next.

This past week, I've also made a Peach Galette, Banana Oatmeal Cookies, and a Strawberry Icebox Cake. The Peach galette was a nice combination of tart peaches and a sweet flaky pie crust. My cookies were simple and healthy with just three ingredients. I shared the cookies on my Instagram here with the recipe. The Strawberry Icebox Cake was divine. I set three layers of graham crackers between layers of whipped cream and vanilla pudding and strawberries and what resulted made me think of a summery tiramisu. Here is the recipe for the galette and the icebox cake

What desserts are you making on these hot summer days? Have you made any of these? 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Sandals

What says summer more than strappy heels and gladiator flats in a multitude of bright colors and prints? Once the weather became warmer and the temperature was consistently over 60 degrees, I have been living in sandals of all styles. I have my classic black sandals in various heights and my go-to gladiator flats, but this season I am really loving heeled sandals in pops color - especially pink and blue - and with prints. Here is my round up of colorful summer sandals to carry us through the next months of summer and to all of the parties this warmer weather brings. 

Summer Sandals

  1. H&M Suede Sandals 70.00$
  2. Kelly & Katie Nadia Sandals 44.95$
  3. Express Strappy Sandals 58.80$
  4. Aldo Lyvie Sandals 110.00$
  5. Nicole Miller Artelier Josie Printed Sandals 39.94$
  6. Aldo Neila Sandals 90.00$
  7. Jessica Simpson Rayann Sandals 49.95$
  8. Chelsea & Zoe Kafa Sandals 49.95$
  9. Call It Spring Aralle Sandals 49.95$
  10. Express Fringe Heeled Tassel Sandals 80.00$